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Welcome! To The Natural Hair Care Specialist, Lisa Mulzac. Specialize In Dreadlocks And More, For All Your Natural Needs:

MY name is Lisa Mulzac and these are some of my hair styles. My goal is to pamper you from head to toe and to bring out your individual natural beauty. I am a license, experienced and talented loctician and hairstylist with over twenty four years of creativity, I am specialize in Dreadlocks and other hair styles for all ethnicities, I am among the most qualified in the industry, I cater to all hair care including damage dreadlocks, natural hairstyling, long and short dreadlocks, dreadlocks dos and don't, The correct technique for starting dreadlocks, and many more.

Whether you need a full day of relaxation, a completely new hairstyle or a quick consultation you'll find it here. I cater to all occasion, My specialty is Dreadlocks and natural hair care. Check out my services, and call me for a free consultation, or to make an appointment today!

My Services Include:

Natural hair styles, Dreadlocks re twist, Dreadlocks repairs ,Instant Dreadlocks, Starter Dreadlocks, Dreadlocks re-attachment, Dreadlocks wrapping Dreadlocks coloring Etc....

  • Damage Dreadlocks repairs. Treatments for Dandruff problem including dry and flaking scalp
  • Up-dos and formal hair for Dreadlocks
  • Hair coloring for Dreadlocks and natural hair, Palm Roll
  • Dread-Locks extension, Dreadlocks re-twist and interlock
  • Dreadlocks Hairstyles styles (all length)
  • weaves, all types
  • Instant Dreadlocks for all hair texture etc...... human hair dreadlocks extension, Temporary dreadlocks extension for people that wants dreadlocks, but don't want to go through the short stages. We don't do FAUX LOCS. We don't TAKE OUT LOCS. FAUX LOCS is not dreadlocks extension.
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I am located at 606 Flatbush Ave, Between Rutland and Fenimore Street in Brooklyn NY 11225 USA. Phone#718-809-1719, follow me on twitter@lisamulzac , follow me on Instagram at lisamulzac_loctician

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