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Lisa Mulzac SlideShow Of All Hair Types And Hairstyles, Including Updos , And Natural Hair Styles.

Lisa Mulzac

Styles by Lisa started for me back in Trinidad, I came from a family of seven brothers and one sister, I grew up in Port Of Spain in an area call Mc Shine Lands in Laventille. My mother was a single mom who did her best to provide for us, and to give us a good education along with moral values, and a love for God. My mother was a baptist, so she would tie my head and take me to church with her, and get me involved in plays and other activities that were taking place. My love for God was so amazing, I would sit on the steps and look up into the sky and ask God for things, then I would ask him to show me signs for the things that I asked for, I would say things like, "God if you are giving me what I ask for let the sun come out, and if you are not giving it to me, let the sun go down, I talked and sang to God constantly, God was always real to me and I knew that I couldn't do anything without Him

When I was thirteen years old dread locks was the big thing in Trinidad; my eldest brother had locks, and he would always ask me to style them for him. I remember putting some crazy styles in his hair, but he always like them! I would also braid my little brother hair and people would ask me to braid theirs too. As I grew older my passion for hair grew with me. I attended Mucurapo Junior Secondary School, Marlick Senior Comprehensive school, and South East Port Of Spain to obtain my CXC and GCE passes in accounting, which I loved, I even had an accounting job. But I left it all and decided to attend Beauty School. While in school I practiced on my family members, like my cousin and best friend, Letesha, who often served as my mannequin. I jeri curled, cut, and did many other things to her hair; I even did my first lock-extension on her head using wool thread.

Upon completion of my schooling in 1994, I opened a small beauty shop at my home where I started doing just about everything. I did weaves, relaxers, locks, the full works! My husband Matthew was my assistant, and I had him doing everything with me, he enjoyed every moment of it . Two years later we migrated to America, along with our children Anica and Kashif whom we love dearly, and I continued my trade as a loctician/beautician. I attended beauty school in New York and obtained my license as a loctician/beautician. Today, even as I continue to grow, I am among the most experienced and talented in the industry. I give all the glory , honor and praise to God, because without him I couldn't make it. I am also bless to have very good and loyal clients, and I thank God for all of them. Lisa

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